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Public Manually Change Film Toilet Seat

Intelligent change film seat cover
Suitable for multiple personal uses
Reject cross infection
Model: C1
Rated voltage: 12V
Rated power: 22W

Product Details

Intelligent change film seat cover

Suitable for multiple personal uses

Reject cross infection




Model: C1

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated power: 22W

Cover material: PP slow fall cover

Product Net Weight: 4.35KG

Sanitary rolls: 65 and 70 times per roll

Type: Intelligent toilet seat

Change way: touch button body induction

Product size: LWH 500×390×112mm

Safety device: Leakage protection device 

Seat heating: 32℃-36℃

Installation: Top lock/lower lock installation

Execution standard: Execution standard


Automatically change film(C2 TYPE)

The touch button controls the toilet seat automatically change the disposable sanitary film

自动换套 C2款.jpg

Reasons for choosing

Sitting on the toilet is no longer awkward

Toilet seat cushion is easy to stay up excrement sundry

Closely contact with the human body is highly likely to spread the disease

Virus, bacterium, and parasite that can be easily infectious through the cover

Out of hygiene, most people use a special way when in the toilet out of hygiene



Seat heating

In winter is no longer afraid of fart cold in summer can close the heater

Press the button for 5 seconds to open or close the heating function

座圈加热 - 副本.jpg

Replace the new roll of film

Unscrew the cap and replace it

Easy to operate

后部卷套 - 副本.jpg

Antibacterial material-Polypropylene

Bacterial fouling is difficult to absorb

Clean and protect


Mute slow down, silent sleep

Damped mute cover plate, protect the sleep quality of your family and you

Silent, security, reduce the noise


Safety instructions

Touch key

Film placer

Heating seat

Mute cover plate

Body sensor 

Calculation of wheel

Seat sensor

Product Family Portrait

① Intelligent toilet seat

② Warranty card

③ Operation instruction

④ Set screws

⑤ Mounting pad

⑥ Fixed plate

⑦ Power-line



Check whether your toilet can be installed

Take the following toilet for reference, actual situation please consult the customer service

First step: Look at the shape of the toilet

Toilet outlook: 90% of common toilet can be installed

Vertical type

Cambered outwards type

Concave type: Please take photo affirm with customer service specialist before place the order

Inapplicable toilet type

Square type: Not recommended installation

Strange type: Cannot install


Second step: Measure your toilet size

Installation dimensions

A: the distance between install holes 137-177MM

B: the distance between install hole and toilet seat 435-480MM 

C: the distance between water tank and the front of toilet seat ≥500MM


Third step: Install environmental requirements


The toilet is surrounded by power supply and water intake; there is room for the toilet and wall

There is a three-slot receptacle around the toilet within 1.5M

There is water intake around the toilet within 0.5M

The distance between the wall and the right side of toilet≥10CM

How to change a new film the lid

2.put in the new film

3.take out the film and then close the lid

4.leading in the new film

5.put the film around the seat, open a small hole at the entrance the lid and take out the old film

7.The front side of the new film is stuck to the old film scroll  

8.close the lid, the replacement of the film is done



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